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A village of white houses (pueblo blanco) in Cadiz province, Spain.

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Learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home with our online service via Skype. We have tutors available to you 7 days a week with 24 hour availability Monday to Friday.

Our professionally qualified and experienced tutors are native Spanish teachers from various countries in Central and South America, providing one-on-one classes, face to face via video webcam.

From absolute beginner to advanced, we have tutors providing structured classes with set curriculum catered to your level who can help you speak proper Spanish and learn about Latin American culture.

Spanish Tutors to suit YOUR schedule

We have 1-on-1 classes available with our qualified native teachers at times that suit your schedule. Personalised classes allow you to learn Spanish faster and the most enjoyable way while in a non-threatening environment so you can build confidence to talk to other native Spanish speakers while travelling, in business environments or general purposes.

We cater our classes to suit your requirements. We can provide classes for Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and informal conversation practice. Our tutors can accommodate all your needs.

Best quality Spanish lessons – Personal tutors

Our approach to learning a new language is modern and eco-friendly. By using Skype, we save you travel time and money to help you learn faster and speak Spanish confidently.

We adopt a thorough interview process when hiring tutors to ensure we provide the highest quality service yet we are still able to keep our prices low with our tutors based in Latin America.

Utilising the power of the internet enables us to provide low cost Spanish tutors 24 hours a day, 5 days a week plus availability on weekends. It’s just like being in a private classroom.

Expert Spanish Tuition

Our tutors are all native Spanish speakers with qualifications in language teaching and linguistics so you can rest assured that you will get expert assistance in every class. We have numerous Spanish lesson plans that are personalised to your level of curriculum, then combined with conversation practice so you can learn faster!

You can learn Spanish for specific reasons!

We can cater our online classes to accommodate specific needs, whether it be:

  • Learn Spanish for children
  • Spanish for business clients
  • Basic Spanish for essential service workers

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