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Your Spanish Tutors

Our tutors use the latest technology combined with exceptional skills to provide you with the highest quality learning experience available in Australia and elsewhere. Our tutors are exceptionally experienced, qualified and professional native teachers who encourage students to achieve fluent Spanish language skills.

Finding a tutor is easy! Simply select a tutor that is available at a time that suits you and book your lesson, even at short notice. You can stick with one teacher or try a few tutors from different countries to get used to various accents and teaching styles. There are no limits.

Although your tutors are based in different countries, they are all native speakers of Spanish.

Spanish Tutor from Peru

Danitza is a native Spanish speaker and has been teaching Spanish for more than 9 years. She also speaks fluent English and basic French. Danitza has a Bachelors in business administration. She is getting certification in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language with Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes, Spain. She is also studying psychology at university in Perú.

She loves sports, animals, reading, travelling, history and learning about other cultures. If you are looking for full immersion, this is a good tutor choice. Watch her video to hear the Peruvian accent. She speaks fluent English.

Spanish Tutor from Guatemala

Willy is a native Spanish speaker from Antigua Guatemala who has taught Spanish to children, teens, and adults for 12 years. He graduated as a lawyer and he is now completing studies to graduate as a sociologist at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. He is certified to teach Spanish as a second language. He also speaks advanced English and basic French and has completed courses in Spanish medical and airline terminology. Although Willy could work in the legal field, he chooses to teach his native language to foreigners because he has a passion for sharing with and learning from the people he encounters from other cultures. His interests include history, running, literature, camping, dancing merengue, and listening to classical and classic rock music. (Willy speaks advanced English and basic French.)

Spanish Tutor from Mexico

Giselle is from Ecatepec Mexico, where she graduated with honors from UNAM with a degree in Linguistics and Literature. She has extensive experience teaching children to adults. She keeps up to date, and has taken several courses for the professionalization of teaching of Spanish as a second language, as well as diplomas in Mexican culture. She is an avid reader, has a passion for Spanish, culture and arts, likes to meet people, traveling, animals and spend time with her family.

She also works as a Spanish tutor in high school in Mexico and she publishes projects related to literature. Giselle would be a good choice for a beginner as she speaks fluent English.

Spanish Tutor from Venezuela

Wilmarys is a native Spanish speaker from Valencia, Venezuela who speaks very fluent English. She has a degree in Education majoring in English from Carabobo University and is currently studying a master's in linguistics. She has taught Reading and Writing, as well as Didactics, at Carabobo University in conjunction with teaching English to students of all ages. She is friendly, kind, patient and hard-working. Her major passion is teaching. She is also interested in learning other languages.


Hernán- Spanish teacher from Colombia
Spanish Tutor from Colombia

Hernán is a professional in advertising. He studied communication design theory at the University of Buenos Aires and is currently working on his thesis. Originally from Popayan, Colombia, he has worked as an English and Spanish teacher for several years, with both children and adults. He's interested in politics, technology, media studies, films and arts. He especially enjoys working online because it combines his love for teaching and the Internet.


Spanish Tutor from Guatemala

Fernanda is from Antigua, Guatemala. Her friendly and upbeat attitude and ready smile make her students feel very welcome, and she livens up her classes with a light sense of humor. She speaks conversational English, and her Spanish is easy to understand, making her a good choice for beginning and advanced students alike. She has been teaching Spanish for 10 years. She specialized in Spanish teaching at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and has been teaching online the longest out of all our teachers. (Basic English.)


Spanish Tutor from Guatemala

Odilia has been teaching Spanish for 17 years and speaks Spanish only. She is very hard working and puts great effort into each class. When not teaching she spends time with her four beautiful daughters and lives in Antigua. She teaches intermediate to advanced level Spanish.



Ernesto- Spanish teacher from Venezuela
Spanish Tutor from Venezuela

Ernesto is a native Spanish speaker who also speaks English, French and a bit of Italian. He is a language teacher and freelance translator in Venezuela. He has a degree in Education with Modern Languages from Carabobo University and a master's degree in International Hospitality Management from Strathclyde University, Scotland. He lived in France and Scotland for several years. He has taught Spanish for eight years and worked as a Spanish–English translator-interpreter for football clubs in the United Kingdom and BBC Scotland. He is interested in the use of IT in the acquisition of languages. He loves teaching, football, travelling and music.


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